Initial Coin Offering Scams: 81% of ICOs are Scams Created by Con Artists said Satis Group

Initial coin offerings have become the most common way to finance cryptocurrency companies, of which there are now almost 1,600...
May 11, 2018

Zeto Smart Monitoring Firm Aims to Raise €20m with Initial Coin Offering

Smart refrigeration company, Zeto, will be among Ireland’s first companies to successfully raise multi-million euro investment ...
May 8, 2018

Telegram is Calling Off its Much-Hyped Initial Coin Offering

Secure messaging app Telegram, has cancelled plans to open its much-hyped initial coin offering (ICO) to the public, an anonymo...
May 4, 2018

South Korean Government May Legalize ICOs Again

South Korea lawmakers are considering a U-turn that will see the legalization of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in the country. A...
May 3, 2018

South Korea Plans To Formally Make Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Legit

South Korea Plans to Make ICOs Legit,the Korean Times reported this week that “Financial authorities have been talking to the c...
Mar 16, 2018

Russia Set To Legalize Crypto Currrency Markets By July 2018

A lot of governments are worried about the control of their monetary system that they are giving up if they embrace these nehtt...
Mar 9, 2018

Launching Of Regulated Token Sales Services By Bitcoin OGs

The former BitGo software engineer Mason Broda who has been into initial coin offerings since the beginning, who helped set up ...
Mar 8, 2018