BOK Opposes the Idea of Issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

According to a report on Monday, Bank of Korea (BOK), South Korea’s central bank has said it opposes the idea of issuing ...
June 19, 2018

Plus500 Revenues Surges High as Company Records $297 million in Q1-2018

British spreadbetting company Plus500 Ltd reported a five-fold jump in its first-quarter core earnings on Tuesday, helped by an...
May 1, 2018

Blockchain is Important But “A Bit of Distraction”, Says AMD CEO

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, one of the largest GPU Manufacturing firm, stated that Blockchain is a bit of a distraction in the short t...
April 27, 2018

$735 Million Sold in Venezuelan ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency Pre-sale

Venezuela has reportedly sold $735 milliion in petro cryptocurrency pre-sale. Venezuela’s government on Tuesday, 21 Feb.,...
February 21, 2018

Telegram Sets Fund Raising Record in ICO Pre-Sale

Telegram has announced it has raised $850 million in the first part of its controversial initital coin offering (ICO). Accordin...
February 20, 2018

Spain Considers Tax Exemptions for Cryptocurrency Firms to Attract Investors

Proposals to introduce tax exemptions for companies using  cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have been put on the tabl...
February 20, 2018

Bitkom : Awareness of Cryptocurrency Increased in Germany in 2017

The German population is increasingly becoming aware of the exixtence of cryptocurrency according to  a survey recently publish...
February 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Recovers Over $500 Billion As Bitcoin Exceeds $11k

After a relatively low beginning to the month in the cryptocurrency market, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurren...
February 18, 2018

Africa’s Pioneer Exchange Firm Targets 1 Billion Users by 2025

Bitcoin may be facing a massive decline in the global digital money market in 2018, but a cryptocurrency Exchange company is st...
February 17, 2018

Canadian Hydro Power Supplier Considers Charging Higher Rates to Cryptomining Firms

The increased demand for low-cost hydroelectric power in Montreal for cryptomining could generate higher rates of electricity. ...
February 16, 2018
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