Crypto Investors that have lost more than 60% of their investments

The Cryptocurrency Market has been Bearish since the beginning of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, Many Influential crypto investors ha...

Mastermind Behind Bitcoin Ponzi in India Offers to Compensate Victims

The arrested Ponzi scheme kingpin behind India’s biggest cryptocurrency scam, Amit Bhardwaj, has now offered to pay back thousa...
July 19, 2018

ARK Windows Wallet Compromised, Users Should take all Necessary Precautions

A developer account of @ArkEcosystem was potentially compromised during the visit to Korea. The co-founder of, Matt DC, ...
July 16, 2018

Death Threats on John McAfee, Forced Him to Cancel Conference Appearance

Due to a series of ‘credible death threats’ on John McAfee’s life, he was asked not to attend the Blockchain ...
July 14, 2018

Facebook Delves Deeper into the Crypto Space, by Appointing new Head of Blockchain

Facebook has appointed Evan Cheng as Director of Blockchain Engineering at the powerhouse social media company. Cheng was previ...
July 6, 2018

Neo Embarks on Decentralization with New Ecosystem

NEO today announced its first step towards decentralization, on Wednesday, July 4. The decentralization process represents a ve...
July 4, 2018

Iranian Government Censors Crypto Exchanges, more Citizens turn to BTC

Crypto exchanges are a no-go area in Iran as Iran’s government has taken a significant role in censoring crypto exchanges in Ir...
July 4, 2018

Crypto Exchange HitBTC Hits Back on John McAfee Criticism

In a new series of Tweets from John McAfee’s Twitter account, he has called for an outright boycott of Hitbtc and he urges his ...
July 3, 2018

Authorities Busted More than 35 Darknet Vendors in Massive Darknet Crackdown

More than 35 people have been arrested by federal U.S. authorities as part of a sting operation targeting darknet vendors. The ...
June 27, 2018

Kucoin Lists Endor Protocol (EDR)

KuCoin, a significant and trusted crypto exchange, known for adopting promising altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, has once...
June 25, 2018