Bitcoin Price Possibly Heading For $1,500 Says Bloomberg Analyst

Mike McGlone, a Bloomberg intelligence analyst believes Bitcoin could fall to as low as $1,500, representing a fall of roughly ...
December 6, 2018
1261 CEO: Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever’s Roger Ver recently appeared for an interview with Bloomberg where he talked about the slumping price of digital c...
December 5, 2018

South Korea To Implement Cryptocurrency & ICO Tax

The South Korean government is planning to tax cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), says finance minister nomine...
December 4, 2018

G20 Leaders Calls for Crypto Assets Regulation with FATF Standards

A joint declaration signed in Buenos Aires on Saturday by all G20 nations has produced a decision which will be interesting to ...
December 3, 2018

Union Bank of Nigeria Threatens To Shut Down Cryptocurrency-Related Accounts

The Union Bank of Nigeria has reportedly cautioned customers against transactions in cryptocurrencies, as the bank threatens to...
November 29, 2018

Tim Draper Vows Cryptocurrency Will Surpass Fiat Money

Tim Draper, an American venture capital investor, and businessman sticks by his bullish prediction by stating that Bitcoin will...
November 28, 2018

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hash War Ends, Price Surges by 26%

The Bitcoin Cash drama and the accompanying slugfest has finally begun to calm down. The bitcoin cash price on Monday made a ch...
November 26, 2018

Venezuelan Parliament Regulates its Petro, to Boost Investment in Country through Cryptocurrency

National Assembly of Venezuela has approved a regulatory bill on crypto asset. The law, originally proposed by the country’s le...
November 24, 2018

21-year old Jailed for $1M Cryptocurrency Theft Through SIM Swap

The same guy who reported earlier this month to have been tortured and beaten by his friends in an attempt to steal his bitcoin...
November 22, 2018

John McAfee Tries to Calm Down Panic Investors Over Prize Collapse of Cryptocurrencies

John McAfee, who undoubtedly has lots of experience on the crypto market seems slightly annoyed with the panic that arose over ...
November 22, 2018