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Crypto Investors that have lost more than 60% of their investments

The Cryptocurrency Market has been Bearish since the beginning of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, Many Influential crypto investors ha...

Polish Central Bank Admits Involvement in Anti-Cryptocurrency Campaign on Social Media

The Polish Central Bank has admitted that it sponsored an  anti-cryptocurrency campaign on Facebook, Google and Youtube. This m...
February 20, 2018

Leaked Document shows Compromise Privacy Solution.

A photo posted on the 4-channel Image board is a memo dated August 21, 2017 from the US Army’s Cyber Protection Squad. Th...
February 2, 2018

Bitcoin Destroyed my life-bitcoin Investor

Bitcoin Destroyed my life-bitcoin Investor For one to successfully navigate through the cryptocurrency space successfully he mo...
November 25, 2017

How i lost $1500 in bicoin cash

Video of a guy that lost $1500 in Bitcoin Cash while trying to hedge BTC And BCH at the same time. A lesson for cryto traders. ...
November 18, 2017

Lily Allen calls herself an ‘idiot’ for declining Bitcoin payment now worth millions

The singer refused an offer to play an online gig for the virtual currency Pop star Lily Allen has voiced her regret at refusin...
November 5, 2017

Central bank of swaziland; Do not ignore cryptocurrency

The central bank of the Kingdom of Swaziland is researching cryptocurrencies, according to its governor. Speaking at an Economi...
November 4, 2017

Bitcoin enthusiasts claims to have lost 387Btc to hackers.

My 387 Bitcoins got hacked and stolen! A reddit user that claims to be a citizen of Thailand and a programmer who bought bitcoi...
October 31, 2017

“124” Hedge Fund Rush To Cryptocurrency

Autonomous Next, a leading financial technology (fintech) research provider, disclosed to CNBC how 124 hedge funds are invested...
October 29, 2017

Catalonia to reject a central bank in favor of cryptocurrency

The small but economically vital Catalonia region of Spain has declared its independence, but Madrid vows to keep the region a ...
October 28, 2017